The 21st century is a new connection economy strained for user attention and horse whipped with information.  This economy is global, digital and centered around data.  Our Objective is to”Fuel The Information Age”, which can only be attained if we make better digital solutions.  These solutions must give immediate access to the most consumable relevant information, served by trusted authors and have reliable data. This can be a website, business intelligence system or analytic application that is produced faster and more affordable for our clients.

Design and Execute is so amazing to work with. When they speak at meetings, you can hear everyone’s brain start ticking with ideas. I know that I have learned something in every interaction I have with them.

– Nancy R

We focus on what matters most to your business, your profit and your bottom line.  Our approach is systematically improving, simplifying and measuring the process.  This is our pervasive mindset to continually drive your revenues and reduce expenses to make you more money.

  • We produce better solutions by using proven designs out of our library of frameworks. That way you can see before hand and have a good idea of what you will be getting before we deliver. No surprises.
  • We can build it faster because there is much less ambiguity in our process between what you want and what we understand. This results in a smaller number of revisions and testing cycles.
  • Sites become over all more affordable because are are not starting from scratch so it takes less effort.  Clients benefit from thousands of hours of training, practice and delivery.

“People often do not know what they want, so we show them then they no longer want it, they need to have it, like yesterday…”

– Design and Execute

We do exactly what our name says. We design and we execute. These are 2 different concepts that only the best companies are able to make work together.

Good designers tell a story. A story which is sticky and will be remembered long after we leave the website.  Our job is to translate the client business so it does tell the story and that story can be hard hitting or conservative depending on the desired tone. The value of content is based on what the user can do it with it so we strive to make your content dance in the design.

Good executors compel you to believe the story. It is not enough to be knowledgeable of the technology’s procedure when executing solutions.  One must bring to the table that something extra that personalizes the technique.  Working at the highest level of execution, a good executor will adopt the client’s style with his intended tone and character in the delivery.  Most importantly the story will be delivered to you promptly in the manner it is requested by you thereby building a trusting relationship with our clients.

The approach is to look at each component of the process in detail for design and execution

    Information Architecture - (see the big picture)
    Interaction Design - (easy to use and simple)
    Visual Design - (looks pretty)
    Application Development - (functional software)
    Security - (used by all layers of your organization and clients)
    Metrics and Analytics - (reports for optimization and innovation)

“Design and Execute team is extremely patient.  They take the time to explain things in a language I understand.  They prepares options and effectively presents them along with pros and cons so we can make informed decisions.”

Linda R

“Design and Execute team’s diligent work on the development for My Project application has allowed us to enhance the site significantly.  The user feedback is very positive and that’s a testament to the work Design and Execute has done.”

Margaret B

“I really enjoy Design and Execute team sense of humor, especially during the more stressful parts of the project.  They have a calming effect on everyone involved and it allows everyone to be more successful in their work.”

Mark S

“You guys are truly boss.  I have always respected your team’s work but your latest work blows me away.  I am just taking a look.  I always like your work.that is why I don’t ever try to beat your price down…too much. lol, you are under priced but I will never tell you that.”

Kyle L