A Digital Marketing Strategy: Copperfield of Carnival


In an age of social media, the art of marketing is still likened to that of Copperfield in that it can really distort reality in only the way a photo or video can.

the lens sees everything and yet it sees nothing but what ever it shows you is the truth.

I was telling one of my clients who wanted more banner real estate “If your website is so good and so useful, why do you have to advertise it so much? If your service is so fantastic won’t your customers notice and tell others through social media?

Marketing and advertising are tools by which can shift perception and distort reality. Under this logic, if you don’t treat your customers well you need to more heavily advertise that you love your customers and that you really care about them. Thus, marketing and advertising is rarely about presenting who you actually are, but rather about painting a pretty picture of who you want your customers to think you are.

Whether marketers and advertisers like it or not, that model is being transformed. It is not being transformed by organizations, but rather by customers who are trying to see past the half-truths of marketing.  They are forming groups in social media and collaborating with each other to see what unbiased clients really think.  it is true, your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

Customers are fundamentally lazy and for those lazy ones then perception is reality.  They will not find out if there are differences so marketing does work in the long run.  if are you the real deal then the social groups will blow you up free of charge.

Marketing addresses the first 2 of the 3 main client groups:

  1. I never heard of your product or service
  2. I heard of it but I have no idea what its about, just tell me
  3. I heard of it but are the claims really true about your product or service (NEW with ease of social media)

The bigger question to product and service owners is what happens when the last groups becomes large.  Are you ready to face the truth, what does your brand really say?  Is your brand matching your marketing and is perception really equal reality?

Stephen Choo Quan

Stephen is a double threat holding both SAP business objects certified architect as well as being a certified IBM DB2 Database Developer. read More…