If Today was your Last Day to Live


What would you do if today was your last day to live?

if every thing you saw was the last time give

there would be no time to complain and no time to worry

all of sudden you will live life in a flurry

and I hate to remind but you could die today

so if there is something on your chest make sure you say

and act now if you happen, across an urge to do a cart wheel

everyone should be so lucky to see a feeling that is real

a feeling that is real that brings us to another thought

what is love and what agenda has it got?

if you play too much with fire you are bound to get burned

but that is not what love is, I have just started to learn

and that is what life is, entertainment for the soul

people claim happiness is the ultimate goal

and it is with those people I tend to agree

but as humans we cannot agree on vocabulary

some call it money and others call it power

some believe it is taking drugs every single hour

and what is the harm to live today?

people forget how to live, we have become convinced that getting is better than giving gifts

as children we were brain washed through a lack of control

but today you can hear your thoughts so you can set your goals

my suggest for your list, is that you learn how to live

and do things that remind you of what happiness is

and when your strength is built make sure that you share

the best way to find happiness is by showing others you care.

Joe Opatowski (1983-2004)

Stephen Choo Quan


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