Simulative Analysis is much better way to Approach the subject of Predictive


Predictive means we know all the drivers that influence an outcome and can monitor them all.  Systems are very complex and the permutation mostly are too many and far to random to really do any kind of predictive analysis.  If this were the case everyone would predict the stock market and be billionaires.  Extrapolating lines and seeing patterns is no real indication of predicting the future because the variables will invariably change over time.

prescriptiveSimulation can prepare us for decision making, we can preprocess a particular situation and have our answer ready.

Effective is the time between a situation happening, a question asked, decision made and acted upon for a planned results in a non discrete environment.

Any advantage in any of these sub tasks will lead to a competitive advantage.  Simulation is being able to optimize some of these sub-phases that make up the EFFECTIVE process. Simulation can help prep up to the decision making part and acting faster than the competition once that situation happens that was simulated for.

Stephen Choo Quan