The Definition of Brand and Branding in the Social Digital Age

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The most concise definition that I ever heard of brand is your brand is “what people will say about you when you are not in the room”.

When I hear brand I think of cattle and what cowboys did back in the day.  They branded their cattle.  This act of branding made their cattle visible and recognizable to anyone.

When we brand ourselves it does the same thing.  Anyone who sees us coming or interacts with us know who we are from afar.  When they approach us there is already a preconceived impression of us and some sense of what we are about.

In this day of digital social science we have seen crazy evolution of what branding and its intention.

Brand is the sum of beliefs of a patron about EXPECTATIONS, RELATIONSHIPS AND MEMORIES that makes that patron choose one business over another.

The fundamental shift that happened in the digital connected economy, AKA social media is that the power shifted from the companies to the customers.  Companies cannot simply pay for a production and then broadcast what they want the market to think of them any longer.  The market is connected in new ways and customers will not just blindly that buy in.  The connected social customer does not trust the marketing anymore.  Customers write reviews for other customers.  Customers read reviews of peers and trusted authorities and those hold more weight than published company propaganda.  Customers make and break brands in those digital chat rooms and forums when you are not in the room…  Customer may not recall what we said or done but they will never forget the way we make them feel. Perception is still reality but the customer is now driving a percentage of that the one driving the perception/reality.

Stephen Choo Quan

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