The Power of Pre-attentive Data Visualization on Business Outcome


actionitemIN LESS THAN 1 SECOND, DO YOU KNOW WHAT TASK YOU SHOULD ADDRESS IN THIS LIST? That is the power of pre-attentive data visualization.

I have been looking at data in tables for a long time.  I have sliced and diced tables, folded tables and grouped them more ways than the average business person. I have always seen the output as pretty but never felt the compelled feeling of action on insight.  What is the one action that if I take can dramatically impact the outcome?  You are not doing BI unless you are impacting the outcome otherwise you are just doing reporting.  I have been playing with Tableau for the last 2 years and I have a new found appreciation for pre-attentive Data Visualization and its ability to zoom in on that game changing action.

I am sure many smart folks can do the mental gymnastics to arrive at the answer but time and energy spent can never be returned.  We ended up working so hard on the analysis that we just pat our self on the back and say “good job” and go home.  It is only action that changes outcomes.  You need to be driving a bull dozer to move a mountain not planning  or intention to move the mountain.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The way the Tableau tool addresses, Position, Color, Size and Shape is impressive.  It also addresses the nuances of direction and order to really make something pop with very little effort and expertise in visualization on the user’s part.


The speed at which you can sift through data and arrive at the action to be taken then take that action is what the most successful companies have done and will continue to be doing.

Stephen Choo Quan

Stephen is a double threat holding both SAP business objects certified architect as well as being a certified IBM DB2 Database Developer. read More…